Jonathan Bowman


Some of the cards

I worked with four other people for my Game Design and Development class. We went on to polish, playtest, and...well, mostly playtest this beast until we felt good about printing cards. I was the lead designer for this project.

As a game, think Bang x Munchkin. Players play as actors who must assume roles and act their way to victory. What is key here is that there are many ways to win. You can be violent and kill off other characters, racking up kills and forcing them to recast as something else. You can pay your way to victory by cashing in valuable items. Finally, you can play events and cause general chaos, gaining Drama Points in the process. Each way has its own risks and rewards, and you are free to choose whatever path to victory best suits you at the time. It's all about deception. Just when you think that sweet old lady won't kill, she does. Just when it looks like the axe murderer is going to attack, he bursts out into song. All is fair in Hollywood.

"We're actors. We're the opposite of people."

Tom Stoppard