Jonathan Bowman

Shining Skies

Shining Skies
An in-game screenshot

This one was a five-man project completed in ten weeks. The code was written in C# with Microsoft XNA. Y'know, back when that was a thing. Essentially, we said "2D Dogfighting? Why not?" It's a 2D top-down space-dogfighting game in which the player must single-handedly eliminate a squadron of enemies in order to gain their weapons.

The game turned out to be an immense learning experience, and as an early project, it was more fun than expected.

I ended up doing the AI, and I must say it turned out quite well. Using the power of delegates, I created a modular AI system that basically consisted of "AI Legos." Each enemy's AI consisted of a targeting preference and a series of reactions to things like low health and distance to the player. If I decided to add a new enemy, I wouldn't have to create the AI from scratch. After working on this project, my interest in game AI jumped immensely.